Halal Institute

The Halal Institute is the organization that embraces the set of initiatives specialized in Halal development in Spain since 1998. Legally registered in 1992, when the President of the Islamic Board, Mansur Escudero (RA), as the General Secretary of the Islamic Commission of Spain, signed the Cooperation Agreement between the State and the ICS (26/1992 of 10 November) which in its article 14, contains the basic regulation on the right to Halal food, particularly in public places. After a 15 years development, The Halal Institute promotes the Halal Hub. The Halal Hub and all entities, institutions and individuals supporting the Halal values are behind the progress and success of the Project “HALAL A GLOBAL CONCEPT”.


Garantía Halal

La ® Marca de Garantía Halal de Junta Islámica-concedida por el Registro Español de Patentes y Marcas el 15/08/2003), es aplicada a productos y servicios que desde empresas y entidades se elaboran y ofertan a públicos nacionales e internacionales, como para la exportación a países de mayoría musulmana.


Halal School

The Halal School is a Private Centre devoted to education, employment and business in the scope of the Halal market and industry. Mainly is a top school, specialised in teaching the Halal Concept, focusing in the development of the following services: education, training, employment and business. The schools counts on a teachers team experts on Halal industry and all its areas such as Food, Tourism, Finance, Commerce or Marketing. Besides offering training to companies and communities, the school has developed a job bank and a centre for the development of initiatives, business and Halal commerce. The school is the first training centre offering courses related to the halal concept certified by the Halal Institute, The school also work with us on the Cordoba Halal project.


Nur & Duha Travels

Nur & Duha Travels is the first Spanish tour operator specialising in travel services for Muslims. A pioneering company, Nur and Duha is the first Spanish and European tour operator to earn the Halal Guarantee certification. The Halal Guarantee Brand ® by the Halal Institute of Junta Islamica. Nur & Duha Travels is the authorised partner of in Spain, the largest website in the world specialising in Halal Tourism, and at the same time, an entity committed to the development and standardisation of Halal tourism worldwide. In order to achieve these goals, Nur and Duha work with us from the Tourism Development Dept. on different institutional, educational and advisory, such as the Technical Committee of Halal Standardisation set in motion by AENOR and the Halal Institute, or the Advance course on Islamic Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality offered by the Halal School of the H.I.. Nur & Duha is one of the initiatives part of the Halal Institute Hub.


Estándar Global de Certificación Halal

Estándar Global de Certificación Halal is the entity accredited by the Halal Institute to manage the implementation of the Halal Guaranteed Brand® of Junta Islamica food, products and services. This organisation recognises, certifies, and promotes the standardisation, as well as the manufacturing, commercialisation, distribution, sale, and import/export of all kind of products and services that comply with the Halal requirements demanded by Islamic laws.




Aud Halal

Aud Halal is the first Spanish company to offer services specialising in Halal Audit, inspection, and supervision. Founded in 2009, Aud Halal has channelled its efforts into inspecting and auditing manufacturing processes, distribution and retail of food, as well as catering services, hospitality, tourism, and all products identified as Halal.






Junta Islámica

Junta Islámica is one of the first Muslim communities legally registered in Spain. It was founded in 1989, with the main objective of organise and coordinate Muslims civil rights movement in Spain. Junta Islamica involvement has been key to reach the Cooperation Agreement, signed in 1992, by Spain and the Islamic Commission of Spain.

Junta Islámica has been developed as an independent, open-minded and plural organisation, always seeking the integration of Islam in a secular society. In the process, Junta Islamica promotes freedom, human rights, interfaith dialogue, gender equality, freedom of speech and thought, mutual respect, peaceful coexistence between human beings and the protection of the environment.

All in all, Junta Islámica promotes a universal Islam that join spiritual values with modern ideas and the achievements of democracy.





Club Halal

Club Halal, is a non-profit organisation made up of private and public companies and other entities interested in promoting products and services offered by companies certified by the Halal Guaranteed Brand® of Junta Islamica. In addition, Club Halal aims to promote halal products and services available in the Spanish market, besides promoting research on new Halal markets.