Cordoba City Council

The purpose of the city council is to consolidate Cordoba as A Halal product reference in Islamic countries. This idea is part of the Tourism Plan for Great Cities, and halal tourism is its cornerstone. The objective is to make Cordoba appealing to future halal investors. Which is key to the city´s future economy if we take into consideration the figures showing that halal products commercialisation generates a business revenue of around 12000 to 20000 million euros. Also, the City Council is working to celebrate a gathering of entrepreneurs form Cordoba and Dubai in March. This gathering will take place during the 1st International Halal Congress. 







Tourism Board of the County Council of Cordoba

The Tourism Board of the County Council of Cordoba main objective is to promote the tourist Brand “Cordoba”.

Halal tourism has a great potential due to the great Islamic heritage found in Cordoba. And the important profits that this market can contribute to the city’s economy.

The Tourism Board of the County Council of Cordoba supports initiatives, which , as the aforementioned, stand out because of their potential to add value, because of their capacity to innovate and create, which can be used as a tool to increase the number of Muslim and to increase the growth of the Spanish external trade, opening new maaaaaarkets.

The travel experience goes beyond sightseeing or visiting museums. Cordoba goes the extra mile offering with this Project an experience that goes beyond the traditional sectors such as the gastronomy. Experience that creates business opportunities within the restaurant and hotel business, hygiene, cosmetics and health, economy and finance, logistics and transport, fashion or halal cities.






 Cordoba Agrópolis

Cordoba Agrópolis is a foundation that coordinates, values and promotes all resources and activities related to the agro-food sector.

The Foundation brings together, in the same forum, producers, entrepreneurs, administrations, and universities, in order to line up entrepreneurial initiatives, public and institutional and knowledge in a shared space in order to innovate and offer value creative initiatives related to the agro-food sector.

Agrópolis integrates companies and institutions devoted to open innovation, shared values, and intelligent specialisation. We need to lead from our city a technological specialisation focused on newly created financial activities, applying our efforts responsibly and in a sustainable way.






 University of Cordoba

The University of Cordoba began its relationship with the Halal Institute in the year 2006 through the Department of Bromatology and Food Technology. In response to the demand for knowledge, the University of Cordoba has answered the need for research and education in the field of “Halal Food". This activity has come to fruition through training courses and workshops on the Halal Food concept. Also a continuous technical advice on certification and standardisation have been developed. The Agro-food International Campus of Excellence - CEIA3 – has been receptive to new initiatives presented by The Halal Institute. The CEIA3 considers that the implementation of the Halal concept in the agro-food sector is completely necessary in a global market, and in a plural society.





Cordoba Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Cordoba Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public law corporation (PLC), an institution that provides service to Cordoba´s economy and the companies based in Cordoba County. Its main objective is to represent, promote and defend the general interest of commerce and industry and provide service to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

The Chamber of Commerce develops many activities in order to promote economic activity in Cordoba County. Among these activities, the Chamber of Commerce supports companies seeking new business opportunities such as the Muslim Halal market.

The Halal market offers great opportunities, considering that there has been an upward trend and it is a major unsaturated market. The Halal market has great potential, also the Halal concept offers a wide range of opportunities in many fields and industries in addition to the agro-food sector. The Halal concept goes beyond markets and industry sectors, it is a philosophy and a healthy way of life.





Aicor TIC

AICOR TIC is a consortium that offers IT products and services to companies and organisations since 1998. Aicor Tic has more than 30 staff members with an average seniority of 5 years. Currently AICOR TIC is formed by the following four lines of product/services:








ESADEgeo was launched in a context of transformation and change. The economic crisis has highlighted our interdependence and the global nature of the problems we face. It has also served to question the values and institutions on which our growth model has been based. Most importantly, it has accelerated the process of transferring power from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. Once we have fully recovered from the economic crisis, the geopolitical landscape will have changed.

Clearly, a new mindset is needed to adapt in the best possible way to this new reality, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, in order to build a better world. We need to be proactive and committed citizens to address the current problems. This is the objective that forms ESADEgeo’s strategic design.





Through the development of technical standards and certification, AENOR helps to improve the quality and competitiveness of companies and their products and services. It is the organisation that is legally responsible for developing and disseminating technical standards in Spain. AENOR offers one of the most extensive catalogues available, with more than 30.500 standard-related documents containing effective solutions.

In the field of standardisation, Aenor has constituted the Technical Committee of Halal Standardisation AEN/CTN 308, which sphere of action is the standardisation of the food chain halal aspects. The aforementioned committee participates in the development of a European standard for "Halal Food".

AENOR recognition are most valued. The current 40000 certificates currently in force support companies in different fields of action, such as, Quality Management, Environmental Management or R&D, among others. AENOR is a private non-profit organisation present in all the Autonomous Communities, where it has 20 offices, and has a permanent presence in 12 countries, mostly in Latin America and Europe.





Webislam is the most important Islamic website in Spanish. This is the result of the quantity and quality of the information offered, and the number of visits received from 164 countries, mainly Spanish speaking nations. Since its creation in 1997 through the Centre of Documentation and Islamic Publications (CDPI), Webislam has managed information accurately and truthfully. Webislam number of visits has reached 40 million a month.

Webislam content is free. Webislam support itself financially thanks volunteer work, and the contributions of individuals and entities linked to Junta Islamica. Webislam is a politically and ideologically independent website.





World Islamic Economic Forum

The World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation, formally established on 6th March 2006, institutionalised the World Islamic Economic Forum.

Being the proprietary owner of the Forum, the Foundation administers and organises the annual WIEF, as well as ensuring the smooth running of the initiatives and programmes under its purview.

The WIEF Foundation has its own corporate administrative structure, which includes the Board of Trustees led by the Chairman of the Foundation, and supported by the International Advisory Panel and the Permanent Secretariat based in Kuala Lumpur.

“Business partnerships can actually become bridges towards peace & prosperity between nations.” TUN MUSA HITAM.




Comisión Islámica de España

The Islamic Commission of Spain (CIE) is the entity that administers the Cooperation Agreement signed with the Spanish Government with the status, validity and force of Law in 1992. The Islamic Commission of Spain is responsible for appointing public school Islamic teachers, imams to prisons, and hospitals, among others. Currently, the Islamic Commission of Spain consist of two organs: the permanent commission and the governing body, the latter consisting of ten work committees. All religious federations and communities existing in Spain can join the Islamic Commission of Spain, and this is an essential requirement for these federation and communities in order to be part of the 1992 Agreement. The Islamic Commission of Spain is responsible for promoting other activities, such as: participating in the Halal food standardisation tasks, and the listing of the Islamic Heritage among others.





The Euro-Mediterranean University Institute (EMUI) is a University Institute of research of the Complutense University of Madrid, where it is headquartered, and it is part of a consortium of universities in the EU, the Maghreb and the Middle East. In collaboration with counterpart institutions in Malta and Fez (Morocco), the EMUI-UCM represents the consolidation of the Euro-Mediterranean Southern University.

The EMUI has been supporting the Halal concept through different initiatives. In 2011 our campus hosted the Halal Congress organised by The Muslim Federation of Spain. Also, the setup of a work/study group of Halal customers “Jalar”has been promoted, where spaces for research and participatory action can be generated within the euro Mediterranean area.

The EMUI main objectives are the development of quality teaching and research programmes on topics such as the European Union and its projection in the Mediterranean Area, offering a range of continuing education courses, degrees and two University official masters. Also, the Institute publishes the results of all its research work through its own specialized media such as the magazine Nómadas (e-publication) and nomads. Finally, the Institute members offer advice and their experience acquired in their specialty fields to various national and international agencies and bodies. For further information please visit our website:





Mercacordoba is a public company under the responsibility of Cordoba´s City council and the national corporation MERCASA. Mercacordoba manages fresh products wholesale markets in Cordoba and its sphere of influence.

Mercacordoba´s state of the art facilities cover an area of 87000 square meters, including fruit, vegetables and fish wholesalers markets, and a multipurpose market offering a range of business such as: meat and seafood wholesalers for the hospitality sector greengrocers and juice shops; a logistic meat plant (El Pozo); an industrial recycling unit; a cash & carry shop (Alsara Group); a bank office; coffee shops; a Lorry Park; a gas station and a market for local producers. Besides these facilities, Mercacordoba offers cleaning and maintenance services of the common areas, and security, as well as training, advice and commercial management.




World Halal Summit

The World Halal Summit (WHS) is an amalgamation of one international exposition and six conferences with a single aim – to harness the full potential of Halal within a globalised environment.

Hosted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI), WHS gathers key Halal players not only from the industry but also other related groups including certifiers, scholars and academics.

To be held annually in Kuala Lumpur, WHS is designed to be the transformed dynamics of Halal-related events around the world. The coalescence of a Halal trade show and related Halal conferences under one entity aims to integrate all coordinated efforts in the development and promotion of the global Halal industry, extending the discourse well beyond the summit itself.




Innova Tax Free

INNOVA TAXFREE GROUP is a financial services company specializing in VAT refunds to tax-free foreign tourists.

Of Spanish origin, it has presence in all major European and Asian countries, in which besides tax-free, it offers marketing and communication tourist services.

The recognized international experience of INNOVA TAXFREE GROUP has enabled it to become a valuable interlocutor with the public administration, government agencies and international organizations in such matters relating to tax-free and the tourism sector in general.

INNOVA TAXFREE GROUP is continually developing new tools and technology solutions that provide lines of communication and commerce between the store or business and buying tourists.





DULCESOL is a Group of companies with a familiar spirit and entirely Spanish capital, whose origins date back to the early 1950s, where it started with a small traditional bakery in Villalonga (Valencian Community).

Nowadays the Group has two factories destined to the manufacture of baked goods located in Gandia and Villalonga (Valencian Community). In recent years, the Group has started manufacturing new products like spread cocoa cream or baby food.

The Group has also its own egg producing farm and a printing company that prints all the packaging material with the latest machinery available.

The Group has been present in more than 30 countries since the 2000s, but it is not until the year 2010 when the International Market is considered a strategic key for the future growth of the Group.

The internationalization strategy has permitted that, in only 3 years, the 15% of the income of the Group come from abroad.





BODEGAS MAYADOR, is settled in Villaviciosa, Asturias, (north of Spain). The Bodega produces non alcoholic sparkling fruit juices MAY, with no sugar added and no preservatives. The alternative beverage in the celebrations. Sparkling and non alcoholic, from a wide variety of fruits that provide a “spark” of a refreshing beverage, the “healthy” value of the fruits and the “well being” of non alcoholic drinks.




Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, one of the most preferred leading European air carrier with global network coverage thanks to its strict compliance with flight safety, reliability, product line, service quality and competitiveness while maintaining its identity as the flag carrier of Turkey. To become the preferred leading European air carrier with a global network of coverage thanks to its strict compliance with flight safety, reliability, product line, service quality and competitiveness, while maintaining its identity as the flag carrier of the Republic of Turkey in the civil air transportation industry