"I, and Spanish SME, can't afford an outstanding payment"

Cordoba, Spain, March 27th 2015. The I International Congress Halal in Spain held these days in Cordoba.ended asserting the importance of knowing their customers financial models and Islamic finances as an alternative to the traditional banking for the Spanish SMEs.

"I, and Spanish SME, can't afford an outstanding payment".  With this sweeping statement the moderator of the panel on Islamic finance Angel José Del Río, Commercial Division of Aresbank, expressed one of the main concerns of small and medium-sized businesses in Spain which, although familiar with export business, often are unfamiliar with the financial system of Islamic countries. "You have to know your customer, their location and ways, and that means knowing how they finance their company, their methods of payment, and of course how can you receive that payment", points out Del Rio, whose bank does not offer Islamic banking products, nor operates under the model of Islamic finance due to the actual regulation in Spain, which does not allow it. Nevertheless is counts with sister banks in many Muslim countries. 

More than a million tourists from the Muslim world visited Spain in 2014

Cordoba, SPAIN, March 16 2015. Halal tourism in Spain, a country visited by more than a million tourists from the Muslim world last year, occupies an important place in the first International Halal Congress to be held in Cordoba at the end of March, announced on Friday the organizers of "Halal, a Global Concept"


The term Halal refers to the practices, services and healthy products allowed to the Muslims. Although traditionally it is associated to the food, it actually spreads to many sectors, as tourism. 


The Muslim tourism market grows annually by 8.5%, being Spain the sixth destination chosen by 23% of these travelers. A tourist who likes shopping, culture, gastronomy and who is passionate by our football. 

Malaysia will have a significant presence in the First Halal Congress in Spain

Cordoba, SPAIN, March 05 2015. Malaysia will have a significant presence in the first Halal Congress to be held in Spain with the participation of at least five high-profile speakers, said on Thursday the organizers of "Halal, a Global Concept", which takes place from 24th to March 26th in the Spanish city of Cordoba. 

The first Halal Congress of Spain seeks to promote Halal lifestyle as a global concept and a positive value that Muslims provides to society. It also highlights the importance of the economy and the Halal industry, which it defines as one of the most dynamic and promising fields of the future. Through different panels as International Standardization of Halal Market, Halal Tourism and Preferred Destination, Halal Food or Banking and Islamic Finance, speakers from all around the world will analyze the current situation of the Halal industry. 

"Over the last decades, Malaysia has stand out as the country with the largest investments in human resources, training and marketing on the Halal concept, especially in the food and finance fields”, said Mrs. Isabel Romero, president of the Spanish Islam Authority (Junta Islámica) and CEO of Instituto Halal (Spanish Halal Institute), the Congress promoter.

The importance of standardization is due to the increasing interest in Halal products and services at worldwide

First Halal International Congress


Cordoba, SPAIN, March 02 2015. The importance of standardization in Halal certifications is outlined as one of the most important panels of the first Halal International Congress to be held in Spain, said on Monday the organizers of "Halal, A Global Concept".

Among the various round tables, conferences and workshops to be held from 24 to 26 March in Cordoba, Spanish Halal city per excellence, “International Standardization” highlights his
importance in the industrial and Halal business sector. Global consumers are also showing a growing interest on those products and services.

The Halal Institute signs a sponsorship agreement with Aresbank

The purpose of the agreement is to promote the development of the 1st International Halal Congress in Spain

Madrid, February 4th 2015. Coinciding with the presentation of the 1st International Congress “Halal, a Global Concept”, Isabel Romero, president of the Halal Institute and Luis Casado Sáez, General Director of Aresbank have signed a sponsorship agreement in order to promote the development of the aforesaid congress in Spain

For years, The Halal Institute has been working on the diffusion, education and public awareness of the Halal concept. This agreement gives a new boost to these efforts.

The Halal Institute has emphasised: “It is our pleasure to count on the support of a prestigious entity, such as Aresbank, a global leader in banking and finance, in order to promote this congress. We hope that this is the first of many collaborations to come”.

“Due to the stature, diversity and quality of all participants, organisers and sponsors, we are absolutely convinced that the 1st International Halal Congress pose an outstanding opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge of a market full of opportunity for Spain”, has added Luis Casado, General Director of the Hispanic-Arab Bank, which this year celebrates its 40 anniversary.

The alliance formed between the Halal Institute and Aresbank, leaders in their respective sectors, offers the best conditions for a fast development of the Halal market in Spain.


About The Halal Insitute

Since 1998, the Halal Institute of Cordoba has been working to certify products and services, obtain the necessary international accreditations and recognition, as well as to contribute to the achievement of a Halal Standard in Spain and Europe. Today the Institute Halal has become a hub of the sector, meeting point of national and international initiatives led by individuals, companies and institutions with market and cooperation projects under the philosophy Halal, which is understood as a healthy and socially generous way of life.

About Aresbank

Since its establishment in Spain in 1975, the fundamental goal of ARESBANK, PLC. Is to promote the economic cooperation and commercial trade between Spain and the Middle East and North-African countries, constantly strengthening the relationship between entrepreneurs from both communities. Aresbank offers advice, financial and management resources to a growing number of SMEs and large companies from Spain, which have targeted these markets as a clear goal of their internationalisation.