Cordoba, SPAIN, March 05 2015. Malaysia will have a significant presence in the first Halal Congress to be held in Spain with the participation of at least five high-profile speakers, said on Thursday the organizers of "Halal, a Global Concept", which takes place from 24th to March 26th in the Spanish city of Cordoba. 

The first Halal Congress of Spain seeks to promote Halal lifestyle as a global concept and a positive value that Muslims provides to society. It also highlights the importance of the economy and the Halal industry, which it defines as one of the most dynamic and promising fields of the future. Through different panels as International Standardization of Halal Market, Halal Tourism and Preferred Destination, Halal Food or Banking and Islamic Finance, speakers from all around the world will analyze the current situation of the Halal industry. 

"Over the last decades, Malaysia has stand out as the country with the largest investments in human resources, training and marketing on the Halal concept, especially in the food and finance fields”, said Mrs. Isabel Romero, president of the Spanish Islam Authority (Junta Islámica) and CEO of Instituto Halal (Spanish Halal Institute), the Congress promoter.


“Several experts from the university and specialized professional schools will be present at the conferences, which means a unique opportunity to achieve agreements between the Instituto Halal, the University of Córdoba and local institutions regarding the training of professional experts in production, food and Islamic finance”, added Mrs. Romero.

The first expert’s panel and one of the most expected subjects of the Congress, "The International Standardization of Halal Market", will be presented and moderated by the deputy director of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Mr. Saim Kayadibi, also president of the European Halal Standardization Technical Committee (CEN). The speakers will address the different experiences of standardization currently conducted in several geographical areas and the unification of positions in international standardization.


The School of Food Science and Nutrition-UMS of Malaysia will be represented for its part by Mr. Sharifudin Md. Shaarani, Decan of this university, who will explain the Halal eating fundamentals at the Academic Workshop. Also from the university, the associate professor, Mrs. Mariam Abdul Latif, will expose the “importance of knowing the consumers feeling and ensure a producer’s supervised knowledge, through the "Education and cross-disciplinary training, from industry to consumer “panel.

Finally, the Banking and Islamics Finance panel scheduled on March 26thwill be attended by Mr. Daud Vicary Abdullah, Global University of Islamic Finance (INCEIF) president and CEO, while Rushdi Siddiqui, co-founder and CEO of, an online platform specialized on Muslims lifestyle, will be present at the Face to Face initiative "Disruptive Halal”.

The choice of Cordoba as the Congress headquarters is not a coincidence: the Andalucian city has become the food, tourism and finance capital thanks to several initiatives carried out by the City Council and the Halal Institute, among others.


Event: I First Halal International Congress Concept

Date:   From March 24th to 26th 2015

Time: 11:30 a 13 hours

Venue: Rectorado building at Cordoba University