Ángela Pérez graduated in Biological Science in 1996. During her academic career she has participated in more than ten national research projects and three European R&D projects, as a result, she has published two articles in the prestigious scientific journal Nature.

She specialises in genomic analysis techniques, and Research Projects Management. She is a founding partner of one of the first Spanish biotech companies (Sistemas Genómicos SL) where she has held the positions of Chief Executive Officer, Manager and Technical Director, since the company was founded in 1998 until April 2009.

Angela holds a Master degree in Management and Business Administration (2009), and an Executive Master in Innovation (2011) from the Industrial Management School. Throughout her professional career, she has participated in the founding of four biotech companies, and she is currently the Institute of Genomic Medicine Manager since September 2009.

The Institute of Genomic Medicine, a University of Valencia spin-off, is located in the University of Valencia Science Park, and it was founded in 2009 by two scientists with more than ten years of business experience in the fields of genetics and genomics. Imegen brings together professionals from all fields. These professionals contribute to the company success with their training and years of experience in the various disciplines related to genetics and genomics. Two of our scientists have been awarded a certification in human genetics. This certification has been granted by the Spanish Association of human genetics.

For further information please visit: www.imegen.es